“Go Go Go !!!”

good morning

Today’s person in charge is Mao

It was raining since morning

It’s a forecast for the hook from the afternoon.

It’s a little feeling

Kyo Ippon Store is going to be exciting

Today is the 3rd day


Wild Kingdom GO 199ver.



Because the legendary rock band slot appears

There is no doubt that it will be exciting

When hitting the latest stand from the morning

To Kyo Ippon Store

It’s a go

Please come by all means (≧ ▽ ≦)

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The person inside occasionally mutters.

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Pay attention

Good evening!

For the first time, please read here ↓

The typhoon managed to pass.

Ueda did not hit directly

The rain and wind of this morning

It was ridiculous

It was woken up firmly with the sound of the wind


It will be a story about a new platform slot

Finally BOOWY’s pachislot

By being introduced

Many people are looking forward to it

When I was told that BOOWY was a generation

Not so,

Of course I know the famous songs

A long time ago, my friends singed on snacks

A little if you were thinking

I remembered

BOOWY intonation

Don’t read it monotonously like a boy BOY

The BO part goes up, right?

The famous Nanto Five -car Star Ichisei

Wind “Huei”

With the same intonation

Reading or not reading it

(Difficult to convey in sentences)

If you look it up

Originally in the case

To the “violence” of violence

With power “power”


From there, make English cool


It seems to be named!

That’s why it’s bo↗owy

(Difficult and good w (second time) to convey in sentences

This is such a pachislot BOOWY,

Live video seems to flow during the AT

Furthermore, when the number of sets is reached (up to 8 sets)

80 % loop of 100g per set

Furthermore, all music is released

Last gigs (top AT)


You can choose your favorite song

Look at the live video

with pleasure

With a specification that can not be tolerated by fans who can hit

We now have

I’m sorry

I would like to hit it by all means

of course!

Because I talked, I will be in our shop lol

4 units are scheduled to be introduced

Please play by all means

Then this time around here


At Newasahi Ueda Inter store

We are waiting for you

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