Commonly planned common wealth theory

You should look at China calmly around the facts, not the flimsy anti -middle feelings.

Recently, China’s change is not unusual.

The sudden cancellation of the listing of Alibaba Ant’s Financial, and for three months, Mawin’s ‘disappearance’ seemed to be ‘punishment’ for the individual’s criticism of the Communist Party. However, not only Alibaba but also so -called big tech companies, such as Tencent, Dedichusing, and Pin Leave, have begun, and this is not a one -off case. Something fundamental changes are taking place.

The tutoring was abolished and the youth online games were limited to gold, Saturday, and 더존카지노 work one hour a day. Macau, who surpassed Las Vegas in 2006, is trembling. This is because China’s regulatory policy is likely to lead to regulations on the macau gambling industry. The license of six casino companies operating in Macau will end in June next year.

Newspaper articles are pouring out that China is historically regressed.

Are China really going upside down?

All these changes are summarized in four letters. An attempt to break down the wealth of the wealth of the big tech company, the gap between the rich and the poor and the educational gap, and create a ‘healthy’ social culture. All are efforts to create a wealthy world together.

In order to understand the common wealth, it is necessary to first understand the reform and development strategy of Deng Saoping.

Deng Xiaoping explained the national development strategy in 1987 in three stages of ‘One Bao -Xiaokan -Datong’.

Mao Zedong mentioned Dadong society as a future vision, but the pragmatic Deng Xiaoping put the Xiaokan stage in the middle of whether it was too far. And in order to reach that stage, someone insisted on the ‘pre -boo theory’ that it must first be rich. However, he did not give up Dathan society with the ultimate ideal society.

Deng Xiaoping emphasized at the 1985 National Science and Technology Works Conference, “The goal of socialism is the common rich of the people of the nation, not polarization.” This is the first record of the joint wealth. Xi Jinping only took out the expression in 2021.

Industrialization (development dictatorship), democratization-advancement stage, Korea’s eyes, and now China seems to be going upside down. But the Chinese position is different. Xi Jinping’s joint wealth theory is only the execution of the national development strategy defined 34 years ago by Deng Xiaoping.

At the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Communist Party of China on July 1, Xi Jinping declared that “we built a full -scale Xiaokan society.” It was hard to understand what this meant at the time. Only now is the meaning of the completion of the Xiao River Society.

Since the second Xiaokan society is completed, it means that we must open the door to the next stage, Dadong Society. That is the common floating.

Wouldn’t it be more complaints about the government if they strengthened social control for strengthening common wealth?

We do not know China very well. The Chinese central government’s support rate is 93%as of 2016. (It is estimated at 95% now) Is it not Chinese statistics? This is the result of an investigation by Harvard University in the United States. We call it ‘control’, but the Chinese read as ‘social stability’.

The formation of anti -central coalitions in Biden and the Western world, including AUKUS, and pressure on China are large for Chinese politicians. As the US pressure is stronger, the position of China, the leader of the leader, is strengthened. The pressure of the United States ironically solidifies the dominance of the Communist Party of China. (China’s pressure on Taiwan is the same as the Democratic Party’s support for Taiwan independence)

The Chinese propaganda agency is still working today. Now, the movie Jang Jin -ho’s battle is great in China, which is produced by the central propaganda. There are no two Koreas, the Korean War, and there are only Chinese heroes against the United States. Even the Chinese government’s intentions are enthusiastic about this. Chinese citizens are dissatisfied with the government’s control over the party and the government. We must face reality.

US presidential election in 1992. Candidate George Bush and Bill Clinton Democratic Party candidate. Clinton, who was initially disadvantaged, overturned the disadvantage of a relief.

Chinese media are under strict guidance from the party. Even if life is inconvenient due to a power outage, criticism does not go to the government. Most people say that the party and the government have a reason. At least, it is difficult to cause problems by politics and public opinion.

The important thing is the economic effect. A problem arises when political logic ahead of economic logic. The Korean IMF crisis occurred in the Kim Young-sam-Kim Dae-jung regime change. Many reports were written, but it was not reflected in the decision -making of the leadership. China can also have side effects if political purposes are prioritized over market economy logic. Recently, the Hengda crisis has occurred. Alibaba promised 18 trillion won, Tencent 9 trillion won, and Xiaomi’s 2.5 trillion won donation. Funds are used to give social returns rather than investments for innovation. The negative impact on strengthening the competitiveness of new business is expected. The overall growth rate is also expected, which directly affects employment.

The key issue is what will happen, and is it a problem that the Chinese Communist Party is controlled. The Communist Party of China is more than we thought. The Chinese Communist Party, which has now launched a ridiculous weakening campaign in the 1960s, is different. The Communist Party will strive to thoroughly analyze, properly adjust and coordinate several problems. However, it is hard to predict what kind of problems will happen in the future because Chinese characteristic socialism is the first time that no one has seen.

We learned that in textbooks, if the market size exceeds a certain level, the government is not managed, so it should be left to the market autonomy. China is on the opposite way. It is something to see what the result is. It is certain that the Korean economy goes with the Chinese economy, whether it is good or not. And it is clear that the power and authority of the Communist Party of China will grow. Rather than just hoping for China to be wrong with the flimsy anti -middle feelings, it is necessary to kick up and analyze the reality calmly. If you can’t avoid it, reduce the loss to a minimum, and if possible, you need to quickly get the opportunity to increase your local wealth. That is the fate of Korea.


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