“Tour the town and put pressure on the Soka Women’s Club, which is a greedy and playful! ]

People with disabilities who speak Australia when labeled for mentally ill

A list of discriminators.

Please come to see the perpetrators who get dirty money.

They are picking up the neighborhood by hitting the neighborhood.

This crime is a continuous crime.

It is happening in 2-41-18 Matsue, Edogawa-ku.

Soka Gakkai is scattering money and breaking the area. This crime that can be spoken in money from 1 to 10.

The following is the core of the crime that receives dirty money.

Core → Matsui, Ogata, Matsusaka, Konno, Kimura, Nakamura Seisakusho, Nannobuen, Koizumi Co., Ltd. Ikus Nishizunoe residents

Soka Gakkai is active through Matsui’s personal connections. The Soka Gakkai affiliated companies have provided the necessary equipment for collective stalkers and electromagnetic waves.

Ogata is an executive of an electromagnetic wave attack. I have equipment at home. Soka Gakkai is a group stalker after 바카라사이트/a> seeing it. In addition, the dark bytes of the dark bytes. The son is an perpetrator who goes to the former perpetrator to take money to raise funds.

In addition, I was beaten by the neighborhood about the fraudulent receipt of welfare

There is.

Matsusaka is also Soka Gakkai. Sometimes they collect dark bytes with their personal connections. It was the body of the dark casino. Your house

He looked into the number of masturbations and was subject to betting.

Contacted the special support school in Chiba Prefectural Sakuragaoka

The person in charge of the work parting. All the couples are perpetrating

In charge of.

Konno. This guy manages money.

There are many residents on the road facing the schoolyard of Osugi Higashi Elementary School.

This is because I often read my behavior pattern and go to Ichinoe Station.

This is from today.

Amazon | Historical drama Perfect Collection Ben Har DVD10 Passed group ACC-081 | Movie

1. Black Knight

107 minutes Color 1952

Director: 킹덤슬롯 Richard Soap

Starring: Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor

A film of Walter Scott’s feature -length novel “Ivanho”.

In the 12th century, the king John, who secretly aims for the throne, is confined King Richard.

The knight Ivanho tries to rescue the king …

2. Ten 誡

136 minutes monochrome (partial color) / Silent 1923

Director: Cecil B. Demil

Starring: Theodora Roberts

This work is a two -part composition, and the first part is based on the Old Testament “De -Egyptian”.

The second part describes the life of a mother who is less than the story in modern times and two sons in contrasting.

A spectacle historical drama that was remade in 1956.

3. Jeanne Dark

145 minutes color 1948

Director: Victor Fleming

Starring: English Bergman

A work depicting the half -life of Jeanne Dark, a tragedy heroine who was sentenced to fire at the age of 19.

Jeanne’s religion and psychological conflict are also carefully described.

You can feel the high acting ability of Ingrid Bergman.

4. Samson and Delilla

126 minutes color 1949

Director: Cecil B. Demil

Starring: Hedy Ramar, Victor Matua

Cecil B. Demil, a master of Spectacle movies, turns Samson Tan of the Old Testament.

A history romantic masterpiece that attracts powerful scores, gorgeous sets and costumes

He has won the Academy Awards in the three categories, including the Art Awards and Costume Design Awards.

5. Caesar and Cleopatra

123 minutes color 1945

Director: Gabriel Pascal, Brian Desmond Hurst

Starring: Claude Rains, Vivien Lee

A work that Bernard Show wrote the script based on his own play.

Caesar, who came to Egypt, meets the innocent girl Cleopatra.

Vivien Lee performs Cleopatra, which grows from an immature girl to a bewitching woman.

6. Knight of the round table

116 minutes color 1953

Director: Richard Soap

Starring: Robert Taylor, Eva Gardner

This is a historical movie based on “Arthur King Monogatari”

To King Arthur played by Robert Taylor

The main character is the most faithful and skilled knight Lancelot.

Eva Gardner of “Show Boat” plays the role of Queen who falls into an unreasonable love with Lancelot.

7. Ben Ha

141 minutes Part Color / Silent 1925

Director: Fred Nibro

Starring: Ramon Novalo

Ben Ha is betrayed by his best friend Messala under the oppression of the Roman Empire and swears revenge.

And it’s time to settle … A masterpiece made with a huge amount of production costs.

In 1959, Charlton Heston starring and remade.

8. Emperor Constantin

119 minutes color 1961

Director: Liono de Ferris

Starring: Cornell Wild

In the Roman Empire during the Diocretianus era

The crackdown of Christianity, called the “last persecution”, continued …

It depicts a half life of Constantine I, who has first certified Christianity in the Roman Empire, and has become a national.

9. Golgoda Hill

91 minutes monochrome 1935

Director: Julian Duvvier

Starring: Jean Gavan

A religious historical drama created by Jean Gavan with Christ’s Passion Drama as Pilat.

Because it was made by a donation from a Catholic believer

Director Julian Duvvier said he had directly directed the Bible.

10. Ivan Thunder Emperor

99 minutes monochrome 1944

Director: Sergey M. Aisenstein

Starring: Nikolai Chelsov

A work that depicts Ivan IV, the first emperor in Russian history, who is notorious as a tyrant.

A masterpiece of the soul of the master Sergey M. Aisenstein in “Battleship Pochomkin”.

It was composed as a trilogy, but this work is a particularly famous first part.

Black Knight (1952 movie) –Wikipedia

Ivanho (1952 movie) –Wikipedia (Wikipedia.org)

“Black Knight” (Kurokishi, original title: Ivanhoe) is a British and American movie produced and released in 1952. (Shooted in 1951)
• Ivanho (Black Knight): Robert Taylor (Goro Naya)
• Rebecca: Elizabeth Taylor (Reiko Muto)
• Rowina: John Fontein (Kyoko Satomi)
• De Bowa -Gilbert: George Sanders (Taguchi)
• Wamba: Emrin Williams
• Cedric: Finlay Curry (Ryusuke Shiomi)
• Director: Richard Soap
• Production: Pandro S. Bahman
• Adaptable: Enius Mackenzie
• Screenplay: Noel Langley
• Music: Micross Rosa
• Shooting: Freddie Young
• Edit: Frank Clark
• Art: Alfretto Jugen
• Costume: Roger K. Firth
• Recording: A ・ W. Watkins

The original is Ivanho -Wikipedia

“Ivanhoe” is a feature -length novel published by Scottish writer Ser Walter Scott in 1820 [1]. It is said to be the ancestor of a method of putting a fictional hero into historical events.

It seems to be Ranobe in the 19th century.

Richard I (King England) –Wikipedia

He spent most of his lifetime in battle, and was called the King of the Lion (Richard The LionHeart, Cœur De Lion in French), and was praised as a knight in medieval Europe, but a 10 -year reign of 10 years. In only six months staying in England, most of the rule period was overwhelming in war and adventure.

Richard I

Mary -Joseph Brondel (1781-1853)
• He was not a religious Christian, but was free from religious prejudice. During the negotiations of the ceasefire, Al -Ardil suggested that he would marry his sister and become a Christian, and was stunned by Saradin.
• The monarchs of other countries have ever participated in the Crusade, but the real -profit Henry II did not eventually go to the sacred place, despite the request of the Pope. Richard I was the first King of England, who participated in the Crusade, so he imposed a huge burden on the Crusaders, ransom, and France, but was popular as a hero. There is a side that John was paid for the tsuke.
• Richard I set the former England royal crest. It is said that Henry II adopted the Lion’s emblem, and Richard I had increased the number of lions that had been one by then to three. Currently, the British national emblem has been added to Richard’s British emblem with Scottish and Irish emblems. The England Football Association’s emblem features a red -and -white rose, a red -and -white rose, a red -and -white rose that ended the Rose War, based on this, and roses are also a national flower in England. The soccer England national team is nicknamed the Three Lions.

Oil sardine from Saladin.

Richard Soap -Wikipedia.org

Soap is also known as the original director of Oz’s Wizard. He was fired after two weeks because his scene felt that he had no fantasy air. Soap is well -known for giving a blonde wig or a cute “baby doll” makeup on Judy Garland, not a girl on a 13 -year -old innocent Kansas farm, but a girl in his late teens. Both the makeup and the wig were abandoned by the proposal of George Cue Car, which was temporarily brought. Still images of soap movie films still survive today. In addition, it is understood that some of his shooting images that Toto escaped from the evil witch’s castle are not credit but have appeared in the movie.

Screenplay Margulit Roberts -Wikipedia.org

Marguerite Roberts (September 21, 1905 -February 17, 1989) is a writer in the United States, one of the most expensive salaries in the 1930s. She and her husband, John San Ford, refused to testify in the Non -House Non -U.S. Activity Committee in 1951, she was on a blacklist for nine years and could not get a job in Hollywood. She was hired again by Colombia Pictures in 1962. [1] [2]