“Debt consolidation brought by online casinos”

Debt reduction simulation

Simulation that most people suffer from debt will have tried

By entering the amount of debt, repayment period, interest rates, etc.

A site that diagnoses whether your debt will decrease in the future

I also used it many times

Every time I use it, the word “Your debt can be reduced”

Of course I immediately checked the lawyer’s office

I also checked the judicial scrivener

I checked a lot of how to rely on

That was the amount of heat when I was looking for a winning method

Being able to reduce debt as soon as possible

You can protect your money now

You can reduce the money you lose in the future

Because it was a way to get money if I was strong.

I was with my husband after joining

We talked many times and searched for places with low commissions,

Finally I narrowed down the candidates to three

Check the total amount to pay by email and telephone,

It was decided to be the lowest price

When asked about the reason for debt and said online casinos

I was told that self -bankruptcy would be impossible

The salary is over 30, so

I was told that debt consolidation may be difficult

Still, I really ask

The repayment for 6 years has started somehow

From the day I hit the door

Two years have passed now

80,000 payments per month are 40,000

Interest rates have been abolished

I can’t forget my relieved feelings at that time

While eating taiyaki on the way home

My husband said

“Now you can protect your future money

Savings are accumulating

Rest assured. “

I nodded

I don’t do it anymore

I don’t touch the casino anymore

That determination was far beyond the patience so far

Slip fear

After the repayment began with the contract

I became a financial black

Put all salaries in the couple’s account and have your husband draw out your living expenses from among them.

By strictly adhere to the form, we did not get the money used for the casino in the first place.

Then one year

After the wedding,

I bought a new car and was blessed with a child treasure

A very smooth sailing life has begun

Both of them valued their days


In me

I want to have my own money

It has sprung up

The total amount of losing is nearly 5 million

I want to get it back a little

That thought was always burning deep in my heart.

Buy a wedding fee, buy a car in cash,

The biggest shopping amount in my life also climbed in 3 digits

I was going to know how to spend money

I couldn’t see myself at all

I’m still immature

I was still at the peak of addiction

And the day of the slip has finally arrived

It was just before maternity leave

My husband 크레이지슬롯 said when giving the salary to my husband as usual

“Are you less than usual?”

My job has incentives according to my sales results

Twenty -30,000 were up and down

Because it was 60,000 yen at that time

I confessed

“Actually I put it in a casino”

My husband got excited for the first time

In the car in the parking lot of the bank, “What are you doing!”

I said

“I really wanted to win and end. There is 160,000 yen at the casino right now. I win 100,000 yen.

My husband thrown away a word


That is correct

I lost my patience for only 100,000 yen.

Noh weather I thought my husband would laugh

It will praise me if I won 100,000 yen

It’s still a sickness that makes you feel cold

Who will be pleased with the results of the human gambling that gambling in debt consolidation?

It was so deeply eroded

And I was completely unknown

Examination of consumer finance that was embarrassed and unavoidable

The night when I told my parents to my husband, my husband continued to shed tears

Scolding from brothers, words of worries

Everything disappeared while logging in to the casino site.

“Did my face come to mind before payment?”

“It didn’t float …”

I saw my husband’s disappointed face

I sank into a vortex of self -hatred, and my head became hot when I was a bad person.


I didn’t lose 160,000 yen

I used up the next day

Immediately before the expenditure application, the devil’s words crossed.

“If 160,000 yen is 8 times, it will be more than 1 million. Let’s increase it with Baccarat.”

Literally 0

When I told that, my husband said with a sorrowful voice

“I knew it. I can’t put it down.

Please understand it.

Don’t be sorry for the child born. “

And I have taken maternity leave

Long vacation since the summer vacation of college

I will have no income for 4 months until the maternity leave allowance comes out

Pull out the return expenses from the couple’s account,

I returned home

Hello, this is Kino Rights.

Today is 2022 SAT Day!

If you are looking at this article, I would like to say that you were really hard!

I wanted to see all the movies that were pushed at the end of the SAT, but I remember that they were all bothersome. For those who are bothersome to choose a movie to avoid this, I have brought ‘a series that is good to run after the SAT!’ I’ll tell you where you can watch each movie.

The first series to introduce is Harry Potter! It is one of the series movies that do not require a separate explanation. It is a novel from Joan K. Rolling, and it is a film about Harry Potter and friends growing as a wizard against Hogwarts magic school. Ten years have passed since the last movie of the series, but spin -off works such as Mysterious Animal Dictionary, which shares the same worldview, are also popular. It is a good idea to see Harry Potter and friends growing in the time of their baby’s baby.

The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy series based on legendary novels. The film also boasted a huge scale and made a hit. It is a story of a ring that wakes up the absolute ring and the world is colored, and the ring expedition, where many races, such as Hobbit Pros, Legolas, and Gandalf are gathered, go on a journey to destroy the absolute ring. It is considered to be a work with excellent visual effects that embody fantasy. Why don’t you solve the frustrating heart that was frustrating to study while looking at the vast landscape in the Lord of the Rings?

The next series is the Hunger Games series, the Battle Royale genre. It started with and ended with in 2015. In a film set in the dictatorship of 12 districts, two men and women should be selected for each area and only one remain, and the appearance is broadcast live. The main character, Catnis, participates in the game and rebels dictatorship. If you like the dystopian worldview, why not do it?

The Mission Impossible series is a series of Tom Cruise’s real action. The best field agent heresy Hunt is completing a mission that’s almost impossible every time. It is amazing to digest dangerous action scenes directly, such as hanging on an airplane wings or climbing high -rise buildings with bare hands. The Mission Impossible series can be seen on the OTT platform from 1 to 2015 Mission Impossible: Log Nation.

Legendary SF Action Movie, Matrix series. It is a original film based on ‘Meta Bus’ by setting up a virtual reality by artificial intelligence computer. It consists of , and . In December, Matrix: Restraction, a new series in 18 years, is scheduled to be released. Starting in 1999, you may not be used to the current examinees, but you might have seen Keanu Reeves avoiding bullets at least once. In addition, it is a movie where you can feel the cybertic sensibility of the end of the century.

The next recommended series is TWAILAIT, the masterpiece of fantasy romance. The Twilight series, which consists of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dunn (Part 1, 2), tells the story of an ordinary girl and a vampire fall in love. In addition, the heroine of the heroine is a werewolf. If you once read a romance novel, it’s a good series to see while summoning memories.

The following is a 007 series starring Daniel Craig, who recently put down 007 with <007: No Time Two Dai>. In fact, the 007 series is very old and huge, but the latest series that Daniel Craig appeared would be easy to see. You can see the symbolic pistol action of 007 with a nice suit fit. You can see it from the OTT platform from 2006 to Casino Royal to 2015 Spot.

In a situation where various communities are noisy ahead of the release of the new series, Spider -Man: No Wei Home, will you be regretted if the friendly neighbor Spider -Man series is missing? If you might all be in the movie as a multibus worldview, you might want to review the previous movies. (There are different places to see by series, so check the places you can see through search!)

The Spider -Man series will be introduced: Toby McGuire’s Spider -Man, Andrew Garfield’s Amazing 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 Spider -Man, and Tom Holland’s Spider -Man. The three are the same as the Spider -Man, but they are drawn as a character in different parallel worlds. If you look at the Spider -Man New Universe, which features extraordinary Spider -Man in all worlds, you can conquer the Spider -Man series!

If the bank account is burdened with OTT subscription ㅠㅠ

Get the coupon pack and share it cheaply!